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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 3, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the presidential candidates share a stage for the first time, and they're debate quickly honed in on jobs, taxes, and healthcare. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the initial reaction is, no big gaffes and no knockout in the first face-to-face. observers say mitt romney did what he needed to do, while the president seemed more low-key. we have coverage at the university of denver, where that debate was held. maureen naylor is in san jose,
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and amber lee is in walnut creek. we're going to begin right now with eric rasmussen. >> reporter: both president obama and mitt romney focused on their plans for the economy, and even had a lengthy debate about keeping obamacare. >> reporter: while the first debate started with a friendly greeting, even a mention of the president's 20th wedding anniversary, mitt romney came out swinging on the economy. >> the president has a view very similar to the view he had when he ran four years ago. that a bigger government, spending more, taxing more, regulating more. >> are we going to double down on the policies that got us into this mess, or do we embrace a new economic
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patriotism. >> reporter: romney often looked directly at the president who instead addressed most of his responses to the audience, or the moderator. the debate remained sizzled, mitt romney went after the president for green energy, and high profile companies in the bay area. >> you put $90 billion, like 50 years worth of breaks, into solar and wind. i have a friend who say you don't just pick the winners and losers, you pick the losers. >> reporter: the president said his plan doesn't add up. >> i think math, common sense, and our history shows us that's not a recipe for job growth. >> reporter: tonight's debate might also be remembered for what the president did not bring up, his successes, such as the turn around of the auto industry, and the romney gaffes
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what romney said 47% see themselves as victims. >> live outside the debate convenient new in denver, where thousands gathered to watch the candidates. >> reporter: frank, we are here at the university of denver, and in this open space just a few hours ago, there were thousands of people, students and faculty here. this campus is proud to have hosted this debate, and there were strong opinions about who won, and who lost. as the candidates took to the stage tonight inside an air conditioned arena, thousands of bundled up students, faculty, and guests watched. a huge viewing party a few hundred yards away. in the first 40 minutes, there were few applause lines, many saying the candidates, not the moderator were steering the debate. >> just a little. >> reporter: as the candidates describe what they would do for the economy, there was much
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skepticism among the crowd. >> i think they're both bringing up good points about the debate so far, and concerning the economy. i'm not sure exactly how factual they're both being. >> i felt that romney expressed himself to be a little bit more sympathetic, and concerned with middle class americans. and you know, maybe he was just saying that tonight just to butter up the crowd, that's a possibility. >> reporter: the question of who won, and who lost often depends on who won support. >> bias, but i would say mitt romney. >> i think they both did a really good job. i wouldn't say. i think the next two debates are going to show a lot more. >> reporter: there were some demonstrations here. an occupy group perhaps more than 100 people strong marched the streets around the campus prior to the debate. there were apparently no
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significant, or major incidents to report with one debate down, the candidates next meet in a town hall style debate, where the topic could be more open, than just the domestic policy debate we heard tonight. after that, there is one final debate that will be focused on foreign policy. in denver, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> stay with ktvu for continuing election cove ram. at 10:25, we delve deeper into the question of which candidate won tonight's debate, with some non-partisan opinions. then reaction from bay area democrats and republicans. what voters on both sides can agree on. and on, you'll find a tab dedicated to tonight's debate with more video. what a finish the oakland a's have capped a storybook season with an improbable winning streak. tonight, the oakland a's, are
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champion of the american league west. the a's needed a big comeback, but that is the story of the season, after a slow start at  the beginning of the season, the a's really turned it on in the 2nd half, ultimately sweeping the angels to win the west. it was their first division crown in two years, and few people saw it coming. ken wayne is live now at the coliseum, with fans who are still celebrating. >> reporter: there is one word used to describe this year's oakland a's. a-mazing. the players took a victory lap to thank the fans who stuck with them. >> the best team forever. we're so happy to be in the playoffs! >> reporter: coming out of the coliseum, the pandemonium
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continues. it's the first playoff trip in six years. history for those two little fans. >> were they even around the last time the a's went to the playoffs. 2006. >> no. actually, he was 1 years old, and he was there. >> reporter: one texans fan said the oakland crowd had a lot to do with the sweep that clinched the division. >> texas is a very polite crowd. here the people are all into it. super charged. i wish i was an a's fan, but there's no way that would ever happen. >> reporter: the long line to buy the first playoff tickets. oscar keefer shelled out more cash. >> you came from miami? >> yeah. >> why? >> because i like a's. rickey henderson. >> after we sellout, that's when we start selling. there are six different locations that had 126. it looks like we only have 10 left. >> reporter: all of that talk
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about the a's leaving oakland, this sign summed up many views of fans. sorry san jose, this is an oakland story. >> san jose, never, oakland forever. >> reporter: there was some grumbling about low attendance, but today's game sold out, and it's a good bet the playoff games will sellout too. here's what's left for the oakland a's. they head to detroit to play the tigers on saturday. that game is set to start at 3:00 p.m. our time. game 2 is sunday, also in detroit. game 3 is back here in the bay area on tuesday at the oakland coliseum. if the a's and the giants keep winning, they could face each other in the world series. we caught up with fans watching today's game. there has always been a friendly rivalry between the a's, and giants fans.
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sometimes a's fans feel a bit slighted by all the attention the giants get. still, they have faith in their a's. >> i believe at the beginning of the year he didn't believe. i took a lot of grief from you giants fans, but here we are. >> if the two teams meet again, it would be a repeat of the 1989 world series, and anyone who was in the bay area then would never forget the 6.9 magnitude quake that shook candlestick just minutes before game 3 of the world series. the san francisco giants will start their playoff series at home against the cincinnati reds. major league baseball has scheduled that game for saturday night. game 2 will also be played at at&t park on sunday. the division serious will then move to cincinnati. later in sports, the highlights from today's amazing a's game, as well as the giants season finale. hundreds of jobs are being cut at santa clara based chip
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maker applied materials. the company made the announcement today saying from 900, to 1300 positions are being eliminated. that 6 to 9% of its global workforce. it's all part of a new restructuring plan, under which applied materials hopes to save between 140 and $190 million annually. pg and e says it's moving 700 employees to san ramon. they announced the lease of a second business park there. pg and e says it wants to centralize staff, and increase collaboration, and coordination. a total of 1700 employees will now occupy the two pg and e buildings there. >> dozens of protesters marched to the chevron refinery in richmond to talk about their complaints with the company's management.
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>> the marchers called on chevron to stop refining high sulfur crude. they also demanded more safety oversight as the damaged parts of the refinery are rebuilt. >> they're not going to do it by ourselves, unless we and all our allies come forward and hold their feet to the fire, like they held our throats to the fire, they're not going to change. we have to make them change. >> a letter outlining their demands, and promised to reply from management in about a week. police say someone threw rocks at cars on an east bay highway. we'll tell you where it is, and how many vehicles have been hit. >> at 10:30, a special report. you could decide the fate of these inmates in november. the move that could end california's death count. coming up in 90 seconds, what caused the transit officer to shoot at a man at the height
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of rush hour.
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new at 10:00, a double homicide in vallejo. police have one man in custody, following the fatal shooting of two others. it happened in the 300 block of folk stone way in the city's glen cove neighborhood. the shooter and the two victims were neighbors, and all of them knew each other. the three though apparently got into some type of argument, one of the three men pulled out a
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gun and shot the other two right on the front lawn of a home. at this point, no names have been released, the alleged gunman though, is in custody. a man trespass on the train tracks in san jose is in the hospital tonight after being shot by a sheriff's deputy. it happened during rush hour on the train tracks of lensen avenue in downtown san jose. that's where ktvu's heather holmes is tonight. to explain how this bizarre chain of events has unfolded. >> it was near this station at the height of the evening commute with that man was spotted laying on the train tracks. the resident that fled the sheriff's deputy arming himself with things he got on the ground along the way. >> reporter: the isolated area along the caltrain tracks where the confrontation between a san mateo county sheriff's deputy and is suspicious man came to an end around 5:15.
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>> they had a verbal exchange. that person began to flee from the deputy on foot. >> the deputy called for backup. >> he was continuously arming himself with different objects that he would pick up off the ground. at this point, he is believed to have been armed with either a rock, or rocks, and possibly a metal spike. >> three more sheriff's deputies arrived, and the foot pursuit continued along the tracks for more than 400 yards. >> at some point, the suspect displayed some type of threatening behavior toward the officers that the san mateo county sheriff's office believed was a danger to his safety, and that of the other deputies, and he fired several rounds at the suspect, the suspect was struck twice. >> reporter: police say the deputies pursued the hostile man for more than 12 minutes before those shots were fired. >> that tells me they were trying to talk with him. they were trying to reason with
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him. >> reporter: the shooting brought caltran to a stand still for an hour and a half. they're looking into whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, i'm told the suspect's injuries are not life- threatening. san jose police have arrested a suspect in the fatal stabbing of a man. the mercury news says the victim was a member of the henchmen motorcycle club. police say he was killed during a brawl outside of a bar in san jose back on september 30. a new report today criticizes the way the oakland police department has handled nine officer involved shootings. the federal monitor overseas the police department issued the report. it comes as a motion is set to be filed tomorrow to request a
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federal takeover of the department. the civil rights attorney who t >> i've done police shootings in many cities. but the problems with oakland are systemic, and unique. >> a hearing is set for december to discuss the motion. the city is expected to fight that request. a federal judge declared a mistrial in the cocaine fraud case of a former san francisco police department crime lab technician. 62-year-old deborah madden was charged with obtaining cocaine by fraud or deception. jurors agreed she took cocaine from the laboratory in 2009. but disagree that she did so by deception. a hearing is set to discuss a pop retrial. in antioch, police are looking for whoever is throwing rocks or objects from an overpass on highway 4. three vehicles have been hit so far, including an ambulance. >> reporter: on monday about
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9:00 p.m., an amr ambulance was heading east on highway 4, passing under the g street overpass. an object came crashing into the windshield, shattering the glass in front of the driver. >> they didn't see anything on the roadway. anybody in front of them. the way it was described, they felt that the impact came from above, from the overcrossing area. >> reporter: the emt and paramedic inside were not injured, but it worries them and their manager. >> we're very concerned about the safety of the public who utilize that area. >> reporter: two other vehicles were hit by objects in the same spot last week. place say about 9:45 thursday night, an object smashed through the windshield of a car. police say the driver thought he had been shot, and drove to a hospital. later that night, police say someone threw an object, and shattered the windshield of a car driven by a 53-year-old woman from discovery bay. the chp says they're lucky the objects didn't cause them to
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crash. >> they see the object coming rather than investigators are looking for witnesses, and hope to catch whoever is doing this before someone ends up in an accident, or fatally injured. >> it's not a game, it's something we take very seriously, and something we actively investigate. >> reporter: if you have any information, you're asked to call antioch police or 911. anyone caught deliberately throwing objects at cars coup face felony charges. the bay area family of the late u.s.ambassador to libya will hold a public memorial in his honor next week. they shared childhood photographers with ktvu at their home. stevens was killed on september 11. his parents say they hope his work to create a democracy in libya will continue. the memorial will take place at san francisco city hall on tuesday, october 16, at 4:30 in the afternoon.
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it was significantly cooler today. these were the temperatures from tuesday. just some numbers from san francisco, san jose and santa rosa. 20degrees in san francisco over that. livermore, a big drop as well. temperatures really cooled off. a lot of fog out there right now, and it will impact your morning. this is the forecast model. tomorrow morning, 7, 8:00 a.m., you're going to see a big dose of fog, mainly to the east bay. that fog will definitely be slow to burn off, especially along the coast on your thursday. so temperatures are sliding off already. they're going to continue to cool tomorrow. maybe another 10 degrees in some locations. back here at 10:45, we'll go over the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. in that five-day forecast, there's a chance of a sprinkle. a navy hover craft roared onto ocean beach in san francisco today. the hover craft was there, hoping to kick off this year's
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fleet week. it's landing was part of a disaster response training exercise. it could be used to deliver emergency supplies and crews after an earthquake or other natural disaster, where bridges are destroyed. fleet week continues right on through this weekend. you can head to for details details about all of this week's festivities. we have the hardly strictly blue grass festival, and of course fleet week. our presidential debate coverage continues right after the break. >> we watched the debate with several political experts at a packed event in the south bay. when it comes to who won, they do not agree. >> in seven minutes, a fundamental change to california's criminal justice system. the measure voters will consider to end the death penalty as we know it. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
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erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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a family of five is serving for -- searching for a new place to call home after a fire ripped through their home. it started shortly after 1:00 in a backyard shed. everyone inside the house, three adults, and two children made it out safely. fire crews are still investigating the cause. pg and e is fighting ignorance as part of legal claims that rose against the san bruno pipeline explosion. the utility said it didn't know the pipeline was fraud. hundreds of people sued pg and e following that explosion. the company could be forced to pay millions of dollars. the punitive damages would be on top of compensation that the utility has already said it would pay to the victims. returning now to tonight's presidential debate. the question of who performed
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the best. we wept to san jose state, where there was an overflow crowd showing up to watch. ktvu's maureen naylor is there. she tells us, the interest was intense, and the opinions were varied. >> frank, those from san jose state gathered here. organizers say they were stunned by the turnout, triple what was expected. while there were no surprises, some say the race has tightened. >> reporter: the 1200 square foot conference room didn't have enough seats for all that showed up to watch the debate. you can also sum raise the debate simply by the expressions on this man's face. at times, he intently listened. he smiles, and almost expressed boredom at the differences expressed between the two candidates. also watching were political professors. >> thank you and good night.
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>> reporter: after it was over, they had different opinions on who won. >> i think that romney did a great job. i think obama in comparison looked a little less polished. a little off his game. so if i had to judge them simply based on the debate performance, i do think romney did a better job tonight. >> i think the winner would probably be the president, mainly because he's the one that is the president. his opponent has got to be able to say why he will be better than the incumbent. i don't think that was necessarily done tonight. >> my initial reaction was that mitt romney won the debate. i think it was a good night for mitt romney. >> reporter: someone watching the debate, this 22-year-old student headed to a job recruitment fair instead. >> yeah, of course, it's a job. president obama or mitt romney is not going to pay for my job at this time rather than a
10:27 pm
recent poll found 40% of undecided voters said the debate would determine. >> how will you vote in november? take our election quiz to help you decide. you will find the presidential election quiz right under the cover photo. watching the debates, we sat down tonight with democrats and republicans. the one thing many people we spoke to agree on. facebook posts that could cost you money. plus, the grim forecast today from hp ceo, and how investors reacted. >> i believe it's time to replace the death penalty in california, because it's broken beyond repair. >> abolishing the death penalty. the unlikely champion behind one of california's most divisive issues in the upcoming election. or anne to manage her finances when she's on the go.
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one of the most hotly debated issues on the upcoming ballot is whether california should abolish the death penalty. rita williams actually witnessed an execution. most inmates on death row will likely die of natural causes. >> reporter: look at these pictures of some of the worst of the worst. names synonymous with fear, terror, evil. serial killers such as the night stalker, richard ramirez. charles ing. he killed 11. the trail side killer, speed freak killer. remember ramon salcido? his seven victims included his wife and two daughters.
10:31 pm
scott peterson. richard allen davis. the hellzer brothers. and the rape, torture, and murder duo. a remind of just a few of the people now on california's death row. that could change in november. proposition 34 would abolish capital punishment here. and the death sentences of those 725 men and women would be commuted to life without the possibility of parole. san quentin's death row would disappear. >> it is about savings and accountability, and justice. >> i think that proposition 34 is misguided. it should not pass. >> formidable opponents on this issue are two two people are long criminal justice credentials. >> reporter: for keeping the penalty, steve wagstaff who personally prosecuted, and sent to death row these three killers. >> do you have any question as to their guilt?
10:32 pm
>> not even the slightest. >> reporter: jamie wants to abolish the death penalty. she care idea out the executions of these four inmates. >> at the end of every execution, someone in my staff would say, is the world safer tonight because of what we did? we never answered that question, because we all knew the answer was no. >> reporter: although 17 states now have abolished the death penalty, california voters historically have favored capital punishment for some crimes. this time, well financed opponents are touting a savings of $100 million a year, and the rarity of executions. 13 in 23 years. meaning the condemns are more likely to die of old age. at 82, the bay area's trail side killer, david carpenter now is the oldest. >> i believe that it's time to replace the death penalty in california, because it's broken beyond repair. >> those same people who cause the delay, who cause the
10:33 pm
enormous sum of money to be spent are saying, it's broken, so let's throw it out. >> reporter: saying it's time to fix the system, not get rid of it. hire more attorneys to speed up appeals. not having a death penalty, he says would handicap negotiations for guilty pleas. wagstaff says he speaks for the murdered victims, and keeps their pictures on his desk. >> it isn't just about the killer. it's about what the killer did. >> it is about public policy. what really keeps us safer. >> reporter: backers say many condemned prisoners are against it, because they would lose their automatic appeals. i wrote several death row inmates asking how they would vote if they could.
10:34 pm
richard ramirez wouldn't say. salcito concerned it might jeopardize his appeal. >> the attorney you heard from in rita's piece is going to ask a judge to allow the execution of robert fairbank. he was convicted in the torture, and killing of a graduate student in 1985. the 58-year-old was sentenced to death back in 1989. the appeal's process was repeatly completed, and his sentence was upheld. steve wagstaff plans to ask a judge to allow the execution to move forward. he says he's filing it on principle. meg whitman had a grim analysis. hp has just come off its biggest quarterly lost in its history. one market analyst said her
10:35 pm
comments may be calculated. >> i think what they're doing to do is trying to set the bar really, really low. >> whitman has been on the job for a year. she also says the company has been bloated, and badly managed. she is looking to turn that around. she said one way to do that is to design a new smart phone. investors didn't seem to like the report, and sent them down 13 today. on the broader market, positive economic outlook pushed the symptom markets up today. the sumlement industry is coming underfire tonight after dozens of products were found to be making illegal claims. that's according to a new report released today by the inspector general of the department of health and human services. the report says 20% of weight
10:36 pm
loss and immune boosting supplements on the market right now are illegally labeled, and lack the recommended scientific evidence. you may be soon to reach more people with your facebook posts, but they could cost you. facebook has been testing a promote option. you pay a fee when posting. your promoted posts will show up higher in your friends news feeds. facebook has not said how much it will cost users to promote a post. apple shares rallied for a second day. thanks to a report that the company has started production an a 7-inch ipad. it's expected to be less expensive than the full sized ipad. you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app.
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click the live icon. they just keep going up. the reasons why you're paying more at the gas pump. >> lots of fog out there. you knew that. as we head into thursday, it's going to be cooler. you knew that. as we head into the weekend, clouds, and maybe a chance of a sprinkle. >> back in business, the generous gesture that would allow a shutterd school library to finally reopen.
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an anonymous donor has saved a school library. budget cuts forced james union high to close its library. more than 4,000 students attend that school, and have been without a library since the beginning of the school year. school officials say that's about to change thanks to an anonymous donor who wrote a check for $60,000. >> he really insisted to be anonymous. >> governor brown says if his ballot proposition fails next month, more school cuts are expected. a man who shot himself in the head while running from authorities in hayward has now died.
10:41 pm
he was rushed to the hospital late yesterday afternoon. officers say they had responded to a report of a man acting suspiciously, and they say when he saw them, he took off moments after he went around a corner. >> in news of the world, shelling from turkey struck a village today, killing five civilians, including three children. it's the first time firing from neighboring syria killed its civilians. at the vatican, an italian man ended his day long protest perched on the dome of st. petters basilica. he blasted the entire government's reforms. the man came down after italy's tourism minister agreed to meet with him, and other restaurant owners. the protester wants to discuss reforms that he says are hurting business. in new zealand, a
10:42 pm
children's health charity objected by mike tyson. the charity cited his 1992 rape conviction. even though it would have received some money from his appearance. gas is predicting up to a 30% bump in california. the gas tracking website, blames the increase in prices on refinery outages, plus all the heat. the ceo of tesla motors is trying to calm fear about a company financial report. the documents raise the questions about cash flow, and tesla's production line, falling behind schedule. in a blog post, elan were musk calls the report a worst case
10:43 pm
scenario. president obama face-to- face with his challenger mitt romney. after the break, we ask bay area democrats and republicans what impressed them tonight. >> and a lot cooler tonight, how the trend will impact the rest of you're week. bill martin back with the complete bay area forecast. two. you get them for less than department stores, and that's awesome. three. she'll think you look stylish and awesome. four. you'll actually be awesome, which is awesome. t.j.maxx and marshalls. two awesome ways to score.
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our election 2012 coverage continues now. amber lee attended two parties. she's live with why some supporters arrival mitt romney won tonight's debate. >> reporter: frank, we're at extreme pizza here in downtown walnut creek, where president obama supporters came to cheer him on.
10:46 pm
this partisan crowd was fired up about getting the president reelectioned for a second term. president obama supporters say his performance tonight and his track record impressed them. >> very clear win for obama. >> reporter: some obama supporters conceded that republican nominee mitt romney performed better than expected. >> when you see the two together on the screen, romney is kind of smiling and smirking. >> i thought romney would fall apart. >> i give an edge slightly to obama. i think he's doing an effective job, in explaining just what he's accomplished the last four years. >> reporter: less than two miles away at the contra costa county republican headquarters, romney supporters gave their candidate high praise. >> romney needs to be personal, patient, show his plan, and he is. he has to describe how growing
10:47 pm
the economies will apply to revenues better than raising taxes. >> reporter: one romney supporter told us both men delivered strong performances. >> obama is also convincing that it is a little more freestyle, but still very organized. but i like romney appearing very organized when they first start off. >> i think he'll win the debate and the race. >> i hope. i want him to win. >> reporter: both republicans and democrats we spoke with tonight said the debate is important. but there's there's still a lot more campaigning to do before the finish line. reporting live in downtown walnut creek, amber lee, ktvu news. >> the next debate is slated for next thursday in danville, kentucky. governor brown's campaign to raise taxes has released its first in a series of tv ads. >> as teachers, the last four
10:48 pm
years have been devastating for our schools and colleges. >> the ads paint proposition 30 as an effort to protect school funding from quote sacramento politicians. it does not mention the tax increases. the ad features john chung and state educators. pailo alto physicist has given another $9 million to defeat prop 30. munger is the brother of democratic activist molly munger, the primary advocate behind prop 38. lots of fog out there right now. we've talked about that. we had the major cooling today. but there's more cooling tomorrow. in some places, it will be 5 and 10 degrees. the fog is having a huge hit up
10:49 pm
here in the north bay. we're seeing a low like this shooting across the north bay into the napa area, then fog shooting across heres a well. the fog will be in many bay communities. that fog is the main mechanism for cooling. these are the temperatures we had today. which cooled believe it or not, 93 in fairfield, 95 in antioch. yesterday, we had temperatures in the low 100s in many places. air quality gets a little better, and you perhaps sleep a little better in the evening hours. we've got some fog in there now. you'll notice the cooler overnight lows. the weekend, some clouds, and maybe a sprinkle. a slight chance for a sprinkle probably in the north bay. the overnight lows tonight, as i mentioned, upper 40s in the cool spots. the computer model does this. fog is back. it has a tough time forming.
10:50 pm
the fog that is back, you may see holes in it, it's not really the fog season. we'll see holes in the fog in the morning hours. in the afternoon, a few breaks right along the coast. the main impact of all of that cool air, look at the swath of cool air through the delta, into sacramento, splitting the 80s. lots of mild temperatures tomorrow throughout the state, and even northern california. the forecast then is for more of that fog to kind of just be there, nights and mornings. as we go into the bay area weekend, we're not talking about 90s, or 100s. we're talking about 70s, 60s, maybe some low 80s, but mostly in the 70s, 60s range. even 50s along the coast. that's all because of this low pressure system when we get into the weekend, might kick in and bring us a sprinkle or two. it will be cooler tomorrow, and you will in the it. not as much cooling as today, but maybe another 10 degrees.
10:51 pm
80 in morgan hill tomorrow. foggy at the coast. kind of foggy in the morning hours tomorrow. then just kind of mild. fall like daytime highs after a run of high heat, and poor air quality. >> i'm liking that fog. >> i'm too. thank you bill. if you've ever dreamed of being a disney princess, we have the home for you. gray stone manner, by a former disney employee turned architect. the property is on sale east of los angeles, for $5 million. it would be just perfect to host snow white and the 7 dwarfs when they come to town. the oakland a's storybook season, and joe fonzi is next with the error by a texas player that opened the door for this victory celebration today at the coliseum. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
10:52 pm
today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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10:54 pm
oakland is showing its pride in the a's. the team flag is flying atop city hall. we expect to see a lot more oakland colors, as they compete in the division series.
10:55 pm
>> i can't remember the last time i heard a crowd like that at the coliseum. >> truly one of the great comeback stories in baseball. with 9 games to play, they were 5 games out of first place. tonight, they're american league champions. it all came down to game 162. the a's had battled back from a 5-1 deficit, then got a gift here in the 4th. josh hamilton nonchalants the ball. it's a 6 run inning, and the a's lead 7-5, if there was any doubt, they put it away with a four run 8th, brandon moss singles with the bases loaded. three runs come home. texas falling apart in the game that would decide the division championship. for the second time in three games, the a's had a chance to celebrate on the field. today, it was to complete one of the most unlikely division championships in major league history. 12-5 the final. as the team picked by many to
10:56 pm
lose 100 games at the beginning of the year, instead wins 94. >> hope and believe. you got talent, you're in the big leagues. you got talent. you've got to believe. you know, create a winning mentality, and follow bob melvin. no wild card talk by the a's. game 1 saturday in detroit at 3:00 our time. game 2, sunday, then game 3 in oakland. on tuesday everything after that is if necessary. in what's been a season of memorable motes, miguel cabrera became the first triple crown winner in 45 years. he receive the congratulations. the last triple crown winner was boston's carl yastrzemski in 1967. nothing for the giants or dodgers to play for today,
10:57 pm
after the giants officially ended the dodgers season last night. tommy lasorda, not exactly on the edge of his seat for this one. the giants took a 1-0 lead over clayton kershaw. posey was removed after this at bat, with his national league batting championship in tact, at .336, and mvp credentials nicely established. by the time juan rivera belted this home run, the guys deciding thicks in the play -- things in the playoffs for the giants were in the dugout. the dodgers won 5-1. the giants hosting the reds for 2 beginning on saturday at 6:30. game 2 is sunday in cincinnati. heady times for bay area baseball. both teams in the playoffs. this is fantastic stuff, the a's, that was incredible. >> a great run, let's hope it keeps going. >> thank you for trusting ktvu,
10:58 pm
channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team starts at 4:30. they will be looking to learn more about the shooting in vallejo. we're always here for you at, and mobile ktvu.
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